Will I have to install a blow and go in my car?

That depends. An ignition interlock device (IID) is required on any car that a person drives for anyone on DUI diversion that provided a breath sample of 0.08% or greater or 0.01%-0.07% combined with a controlled substance.

If you are entering an alcohol DUI diversion on a 0.01%-0.07% breath test the judge can waive the IID requirement. If you are entering a controlled substance DUI diversion and provided a 0% breath test the judge can waive the IID requirement.  After 6 months of all clean blows we can petition the court to allow removal of the IID prior to the end of the 1 year DUI diversion period. On a first DUI conviction an IID is required for 1 year after the license is reinstated and an IID required for 2 years after the license is reinstated on a second conviction.

An IID is required anytime one is operating on a hardship license during the term of suspension, which allows driving to and from work and treatment. There are many options for IIDs at different price points but they all now require a camera and require a sample when starting the car and periodically while driving (rolling retest).

Blowing dirty into an IID is one of the main reasons for DUI diversion revocation.  An IID is sensitive and can be triggered by alcohol based mouthwash, hand sanitizer and even garlic. If you fail an IID blow and have not been drinking it is very important to rinse your mouth and blow again within 5 minutes to show it was not deep lung alcohol.