Felony DUI

You will be charged with a felony if you are arrested for DUII and have two prior DUII convictions within the last ten years.  Other circumstances which will be classified as a felony DUII include DUII cases which involve injury or death to another person.

In these instances, it is critical that you obtain defense and counsel from an expert Oregon DUII lawyer.  Not all prior convictions are eligible to be used to support a felony DUII conviction. An experienced DUII lawyer will work with you to examine each prior conviction to test its admissibility.

Felony convictions of any sort are extremely serious and can have devastating consequences on your driving privileges, income, and life.  Upon conviction, you will be subject to the Oregon Felony Sentencing Guidelines, which can include years of prison time and fines.  The maximum penalty for a third DUII conviction within 10 years is 5 years in prison and a fine of $125,000.  The minimum fine for a third DUII conviction is $2,000.

With a felony DUII conviction, you risk a lifetime driver’s license suspension.  In addition, as a convicted felon, you will lose a number of civil rights.  There are no diversion programs or agreements available to people convicted of felony DUII.  A felony DUII conviction places your reputation, your career, your family, and your livelihood at risk.

Working with an experienced Oregon DUII lawyer is essential if you are facing felony DUII charges.  Every person’s case is unique and presents opportunities to avoid or lessen the consequences of conviction.

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