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Defended My Third DUI

Max’s representation of my case far and away exceeded my expectations. My life would have been significantly altered should this not gone the way it did.

– Biker guy

Best DUI Lawyer in Eugene OR

He helped me get rid of 2 charges (DUI and reckless driving) by entering the diversion program. I truly believe he is the best DUI lawyer in town. I highly recommend Max to everyone.

– Anonymous

Attorney Max J. Mizejewski

"Law is a bulwark the ruling class erects to protect its power and prosperity” - J. Tony Serra

Hi, this is Attorney Max Mizejewski.

When I was young I had an interaction with the Newport Beach, CA police department I’ll never forget. That experience influenced my thinking about police misconduct, prosecutorial overreach and the importance of criminal defense advocacy. Many years later that experience and my formal education led to the development of a three prong approach that MJM Law Office applies to every case:

1. Preparation: We won’t let the prosecutor drive the direction of the case. We investigate all relevant facts and litigate pre-trial issues to strengthen the case and develop a compelling theory of defense.

2. Negotiation: Thorough investigation and pre-trial motion practice will position us to negotiate the best possible outcome with the prosecution. We investigate creative solutions until I am certain it is the best possible resolution.

3. Advocacy: If the best possible plea deal is unacceptable, then we’ll take it to the box. You have an important Constitutional Right to a jury trial by your peers. I am prepared to help exercise that right and hold the government accountable.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, take the time to find the right counsel. It was worthwhile for me and it will be worthwhile for you.


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MJM Law Office, P.C. was founded to provide clients with quality representation in DUI Cases and Criminal Defense, including matters such as Repeat DUI Offenses, Drug Crimes, Property Crimes, Campus Crimes, and Assault.

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Will I go to jail?

There are many alternatives to a jail sentence, including Sheriff’s work crew, community service, electronic surveillance program (ankle bracelet), alcohol monitor, and day jail...

Will I have to install a blow and go in my car?

A Blow and Go device is basically a “breathalyzer” built into your car's ignition system. ... If your breath is free of alcohol, the car will start. Not all DUI convictions will require an interlock device, but it's increasingly common...

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