Repeat DUI Offenders

Multiple, repeat DUI offenses are often punished harshly by the state of Oregon.  These repeat offenders face a license suspension ranging from one year to life, depending on the number of DUII offenses they have accumulated.  After three offenses, you will be charged with felony DUII, which means a significant amount of prison time.  The court can also impose other sanctions, such as payment of fees, an order to participate in an alcoholic screening test and alcoholic treatment, among other requirements.  If you are convicted of a repeat DUII offense, the court must impose minimum fines — $1,500 for a second DUII offense; $2,000 for a third or subsequent conviction, so long as you have not been sentenced with imprisonment. Keep in mind that these are minimum fines and consequences. Increased penalties for repeat DUI convictions are not limited to the state of Oregon. DUI convictions from any other state will be counted against you, no matter how distant they are in the your past.

If you have participated in a diversion program in the last 15 years you do not qualify for diversion.  The most important thing you can do in this situation is to hire an attorney as soon as possible.  Without diversion, you have three options: you can plead guilty and settle the case, convince the prosecutor to dismiss the case, or take the case to trial.  Many deadlines for hearings requests and trial dates are very short, and an experienced Oregon DUII lawyer can help determine how successful you will be if you contest a charge.

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